Vintage : Old but Gold !!

         Vintage Evergreen

The fashion industry every year has to release new art and opera about how to dress.

But there is one section that never knows the sunset.

It’s is all time ready behind the mountain of creativity playing hide and seek; it’s the era of Vintage that never disappears.

In tough times of outbreaks and financial crisis, the new way to express yourself is to recycle clothes.

The mindset is to keep your head focused on your job, lucky if you still have it, and make money and try to save it.; never know what’s going to happen next.

Everything passes in the second moment; it’s not necessary, includes Fashion.

Lockdown and impossibility to show up like before compromises your creativity to buy new clothes for the new autumn and winter season.

Fashion is still upgrading but never regrets his roots.

The story of Sophia Amoruso, I don’t know if you read it or heard it, it’s pretty famous, by the way, show us the power of the vintage industry.

She comes from nowhere, business talking, and starting with no money, she began to build his emperor. 

She worked as a shop assistant in a clothing shop and at the university to check the university student’s ID.

She started to study by herself how to sell second-hand clothes on eBay, and soon after, she realized her dream to become the Girlboss of Fashion.

She created his brand name, “NastyGal.” And from 0, she made more than 200 million dollars.

 It’s plenty of stories about t Vintage, and the Fashion industry knows it!

Here in Italy, there is a rule. Never throw away clothest; it will come back trendy once again.

Italy, the epicenter of art and creativity, and being concern that we don’t have the same power as the USA, we have to create the famous MADE IN ITALY and try to sell abroad.

The Maison “Etro,” an Italian industry, put Vintage as the principal basement to develop his roots and branches.

The luxury idea to create something new and original has never forgotten the principal motto to stay eternal.

Every six months, we have to change our habits and clothes, but it seems the Vintage we can keep them without fading away.

Even the English Designer Paul Smith seems to marry this idea of art.

If you look at his dress, he tries to give the man an Identity of elegance and 

Sport at the same time with the conditioning of England tradition.

The success of the famous street “Portobello Road” in Notting Hill district, in London, is linked with Vintage clothes, being very busy, every Saturday, for more than a century.

During the world war and the general financial crisis, the industry tried to recycle clothes in our wardrobe to take care of our mood and style.

In every business, the trend is to become successful as long as possible, but we know that, like in a stock market, being with positive trends all the time is almost impossible.

It implies keeping your brand loyalty with your philosophy but trying to elaborate and making original creation all the time.

If we move in the charity world made of second-hand clothes,  the leader campaign Oxfam wisely sees the world.

After many clothes’ requests, not brand new anymore, they invest in Vintage, increasing sales by more than 400%.

If we look at being influential and respected, the Jackie O’ style doesn’t know the end.

With simplicity and humbleness, she gave a personification of the next Woman in the modern world.

Even Melania Trump du Donald Trump’s inauguration speech, she copied from JFK’s wife.

What will happen when a celebrity like Kim Kardashian swaps from luxury clothes to vintage clothes?

An influencer like her did it already and move the business in the other direction.

Behind of green mass movement of Greta Thunberg  and at the recent disaster and fire in Australia made by the constant increase of emergency climate change, also the choice of how to dress, today has his importance 

They do to the new Generation. They choose to wear Vintage not only to be trendy but to become like, during the ’60s and ’70s, a message of protest against climate change and pollution!

Everything is changing during this 2020, but instead of creating new collections, it seems like the Fashion protects itself from Vintage clothes’ sure success.

                                            Evergreen and always cool! 

The personification of the capable politician!

Jacinda Arden

The personification of the capable politician!

At his last appearances and political gatherings, we embrace and kiss each other not because people are irresponsible, but because there is no longer any need for the mask and social distancing.

New Zealand, led by the enterprising and kind-minded Jacinda Arden, flourished by defeating the coronavirus twice, with only 25 deaths to mourn.

Elected for the second time, the kiwi population believes that she protects them from the dangers the surrounding countries face.

“If all nations had a serious and capable politician like you, the world would go in the right direction,” says one of your fans.

She has faced and gone through crisis after crisis, including COVID-19, the volcanic eruption that killed 21 people, and the reckless attack on mosques by the fringe.

“white supremacy” that killed 51 innocent people.

Immediately afterward, he worked hard, praising zero tolerance towards extremist groups and racism.

However, how did New Zealand win the battle of the pandemic? From the very beginning, Wellington’s goal was neither containment nor slowing down the infection or immunity of the flock, but the immediate total suppression of the virus. The premier played ahead:

  • the blockade of Chinese travelers in early February
  • the closing of borders to non-residents in mid-March
  • quarantine at the borders
  • then carpet swabs
  • contact tracking

On March 23, when the pandemic was still at an early stage, and the infected were only 100 imposed a month of total lockdown, then extended by a week. A strategy that proved successful because the contagion curve approached zero in just two weeks. Despite these data, Ardern decided not to relax the restrictions for Easter in order to “defeat” the disease ultimately. The New Zealand method of “elimination” rather than “containment” is being studied. “Compared to the rest of the world, we have done something incredible,” said the premier.

For the second wave that began in August in the middle of summer, New Zealand chose to immediately implement restrictive measures for almost a week, including severe restrictions on freedom of movement in Auckland, a city affected by new infections, and travel restrictions to the rest of the country. Going into detail, Auckland faced with a level-three lockdown.

Only exits were allowed for fundamental reasons and non-essential businesses, including restaurants and bars, were closed in those days. Here lies the heart of the New Zealand model, and it is based on two pillars: intervene quickly, quickly and clearly, and rely on direct linear communication.

“Second wave” defeat

As we have seen in the second wave, the New Zealand government has chosen softer and more targeted interventions. The mission, it seems, has succeeded again. The epidemiological curve approached zero within a few weeks. 

A model that works as in medicine, the early diagnosis and immediate intervention before the situation start to degenerate and uncontrollable.

These are some of the young leader’s many victories, cutting her salary by 20% while remaining in solidarity with her fellow citizens who have lost their jobs and are in difficulty.

While in Italy, the first revolts begin, on the other side of the globe who have the courage and hope to create opportunities and a decent future thanks to the skills and honesty of which every politician and worker should take note.

The real honest politician is the capable politician, said Giordano Bruno,

Maybe this time, we found someone “Top.”

Law and Order

Law and order
they say in America, “law and order” in these moments to defeat society’s inequalities.
In times of unrest, riots, a financial and civil crisis, the only remedy is the strength of reason and law.
That law that was so dear to Falcone and Borsellino and which they were managing to defeat the cancer of civilization, Mafia.
Same Mafia defeated during the fascism by the prefect Cesare Mori in Sicily and then resurrected after 45′.
After losing my job in London, I ventured to work in a restaurant, “San Lorenzo,” where I had the good fortune to meet a very dear friend and prestigious journalist of “The Guardian” <
He came and sat down at his table to eat, submerged by documents and papers.
He told me that he was busy writing a book-interview dedicated to a Mexican general who had managed to defeat the Mafia and criminality using fascist methods.
He told me that knowing him, he was a terrible and intransigent person, of other times, but at the same time useful and competent in his work, reaching his goal with success.
Libidine also reached by the former mayor of
New York Rudolph Giuliani was supported by Giovanni Falcone during police work by crime in the Big Apple.
Well, you reached the order quota using the method “Zero Tolerance” zero tolerance, having no mercy on criminals and delinquents.
As well as the “broken windows theory” theorem where there is degradation, there is more and more, and if there is cleanliness, people are encouraged to keep cleaner and cleaner.
To end up to the present day with the coronavirus health crisis, wherein China, the pandemic forerunner, managed to get out entirely by asking people to sacrifice and cooperate.
For the non-contributors to the case, methods of other times ,with the end of being executed instantly should not be rendered in vain the imprisonment ordered from above.
John Kennedy, in his inaugural speech, asked his fellow citizens to “Do not ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for it and to make it better.”
According to historical reminiscences, it is the only way to get out of crises and make democracy; however, full of problems, the only way to keep freedom available to all.
Always with the support of Justice.

An invitation to collaborate,

Fabio Iacobini

I feel like

I feel like …

In this historical moment of isolation, time to reflect, there has been enough, even too much.
Reflect on the 30 years that are coming, on the achievements, and to grab.
in between the house walls and the landscapes that overlook the horizon of adventure the time fly inexorably, waiting for new us
During these moments, I think and would like to know, meet, and add friends to my interpersonal pleasures list.
A world that continues to go on without a jockey ready to tame him and make him run in the right direction.
Many try, but the result is just doping of greed and incompetence.
On the values and rights that a state should be founded, all this is missing, leaving us young people, the only hope to escape and assert themselves in distant countries, where meritocracy counts, education, and culture make it the pillars of a just democracy.
By now, everything is homogeneous, almost everything is the same, but if you invest in culture, in languages on which you can interact on several fronts, all this will be rewarded with interests.
You have to reinvent yourself somehow, and maybe the biggest challenge is to put kindness and willingness in the first place.
To put yourself at the service of others in any way, to contribute to improve and improve yourself in a time limit that we do not know, unforeseen events of life that you find around the corner and that can radically change your habits and your possibilities.
All this must be taken into account, finding the right people at your side that encourages you to do better and help you when needed, not always, but when the need afflicts us, in comfort, in a caress, in an economic promise, and to return what we are given daily.
In this small paragraph, the crazy desire is to live with intensity, passion, and curiosity.
Knowing without being superior, traveling without getting lost, writing without getting bored, singing, and shouting to all the enthusiasm the song you are there and continue fighting for what is needed.
Not to waste the time of this metronome that dictates the moments to share with joy and serenity.

            Aimed at those who are there and will be there later on.

            For you, for us, for all those, I love and protect with care...


Life can be …

                                                           Life can be…

 Life can be…

Life can be rainbow after rain…

Life can be sunshine after night and sunrise, after all…

Life can be a mirage after a walk spends in the desert…

Life can be a star during a night in the darkness…

Life can be comfort after a cramp 

Life can be a relief after the pain 

Life can be healing after the disease 

Life can be water after the thirst

Life can be food after the hunger 

Life can be a new birth after death. 

Life can be US after HIM/HER.


A portfolio dedicated to young girls-women on the climax of their career. I start to share the main characters, especially the younger ones, the most talented and most rising stars of fashion, art, politics, business, and leaders of the feminist movement

see you soon,

Yours Fabio

A cover.. a wonderful meaning.. always them.. simply Pink floyd

I have always seen the triangle as a symbol of thought and ambition, and I found these elements in Roger’s texts. So then I made a prism out of it because I thought it belonged to the soul of the Floyd”.
Let’s move on to the meaning of the symbol. The entire album is full of meanings, and every single track is to be carefully analyzed and put into a single context. In the meantime, limiting ourselves to the cover, we can explain its meaning in this way: in the front part of the cover, we find, in fact, a prism, on a black background, which illuminated from the left by a light white light, releases on the right a beam of colors, the same of the rainbow. We try to analyze every single part: the white light coming from the left symbolizes life, which illuminates and becomes part of the individual (the prism), which in turn “expels” it in the form of ideas, his ideas, his actions, different (of different colors) but still coming from the same individual. The back of the cover, perhaps the least famous, serves to give a conclusion to the whole: the beam of colors (therefore of ideas) continues and ends in an inverted prism (therefore it returns to the individual) and flows into the shaft of white light on the opposite side, creating a sort of continuity of the mechanism. #pinkfloyd

Dove sei??

Non riesco a non pensare a te
Anche quando non vorrei
Una via d’uscita anche se c’è
Sembra sia introvabile
Ai miei amici che continuano a dirmi che non fai per me
Rispondo che non voglio più star male perché non sei tu
Ma la notte tardi vieni qui
E mi prendi le mani
Il tuo sguardo si fa serio e poi
Mi guardi e dici
Questa volta io ritorno per restare per sempre
Ma finisce che era un sogno il mio risveglio e io ti cerco e non so dove seiMentre sembra che il mio mondo stia crollando su di me tu adesso dove sei?
Mentre io continuo a dire “no vedi che ormai non c’è” mi chiedo dove sei?
Mentre vedo le mie mani muoversi nel buio su di lei
Mentre ballo con il tuo fantasma dimmi dove sei?I tuoi occhi non li scorderò finché avrò da vivere
Stai sicura che li troverei fra altri mille intorno a me
La tua voce nella testa suona dolce musica però
Quando ti sento e metto giù mi dico di non farlo più
E a che serve stare su Whatsapp per dirci le stesse
Vecchie cose che sappiamo già per ore, e ore
Tanto ormai lo so che I baci che tu chiedi non sono I miei
Il rumore dei tuoi passi è già lontano io ti sto chiamando dove sei?Mentre sembra che il mio mondo stia crollando su di me tu adesso dove sei?
Mentre io continuo a dire “no vedi che ormai non c’è” mi chiedo dove sei?
Mentre vedo le mie mani muoversi nel buio su di lei
Mentre ballo con il tuo fantasma dimmi dove sei?Ti ho cercata negli angoli più nascosti
Quando pensavo di sapere dove fossi
Ma quando ti sto per trovare ti sposti
Ricordi troppi
Sul divano quando il fumo sale piano
Occhi rossi
E io guardando dentro questo vecchio specchio
Ho detto solo “stai pronto”
Ora gonfia il petto presentale il conto
Rimettiti l’elmetto e vatti a riprendere il tuo mondo
Ti devo dire “No” quasi quasi ti sfioro mentre gli altri scompaiono
E io da solo coi pensieri più espliciti
La vita è questa ma non è che ti ci abitui alle cicatrici e I lividi
Bevendo un altro caffè pessimo
Tenendo un altra sul mio petto ma il mio cuore resta scettico
Perchè era amore prima che noi ci mettessimo
Giù al tappeto come un K.O tecnicoMentre sembra che il mio mondo stia crollando su di me tu adesso dove sei?
Mentre io continuo a dire “no vedi che ormai non c’è” mi chiedo dove sei?
Mentre vedo le mie mani muoversi nel buio su di lei
Mentre ballo con il tuo fantasma dimmi dove sei?
Mentre sembra che il mio mondo stia crollando su di me tu adesso dove sei?
Mentre io continuo a dire “no vedi che ormai non c’è” mi chiedo dove sei?
Mentre vedo le mie mani muoversi nel buio su di lei
Mentre ballo con il tuo fantasma dimmi dove sei?

the other half

One day Zeus, wanting to punish the man without destroying him, cut him in two. Since then, each of us is the symbol of a man { hekastos oun Hemon estin anthropou symbolon}, the half that seeks the other half, the corresponding symbol. To heal the ancient wound, Zeus, after inflicting it, sent Love:

Love among the gods, the friend of men, the doctor, the one who leads back to the ancient condition. Trying to make one what he is two, Love tries to medicate human nature.

Since then, men have joined together and thus generate, no longer by union with the earth, but by a mutual union. Mediator between men and the gods, Love intervenes at the limit of the human.
He who touches this madness fascinates us and induces us to that progressive surrender of ourselves that makes possible the liberation of that madness of which Love is surrounded, where meaning plays with non~sense and where no new word is given except by liberating at every moment the ancient madness.

By finding the other half, you will reach your goal


When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me,
and also what I’m going to reveal to you now,
for you to pass it on to mankind,
will come up against the misunderstanding and prejudice of the world.
However, I ask that you guard it for
as long as it takes, years, decades,
until society has progressed enough…
to accept what I’m explaining to you below.
There is a mighty force for which
Science has so far found no formal explanation.
It is a force that understands and manages all the others,
and is also behind any phenomenon
that operates in the universe and has not yet been detected by us.
This universal force is Love.
When scientists were searching for a unified theory of the universe, they forgot the most invisible one
and powerful forces.
Love is Light since it enlightens those who give it and those who receive it.
Love is Gravity because it makes it
that some people feel attracted to others.
Love is Power because it multiplies
the best that is in us, and allows humanity
does not die out in his blind selfishness.
Love reveals and reveals. For Love, one lives and dies.
This force explains everything, and
it gives life meaning in a big way.
That’s the variable we’ve ignored for too long,
maybe because Love scares us,
since it is the only energy in the universe that mankind
hasn’t learned to maneuver at will.
To make Love visible, I made a simple
replacement in my most famous equation.
If instead of E = mc2 we accept that the energy to heal the world
can be achieved through
love multiplied by the speed of light squared,
we will come to the conclusion that Love is
the most powerful force that exists, because it has no limits.
After humanity fails in its use and control
of the other forces in the universe,
who have turned against us, the time has come…
to feed off another kind of energy.
If we want our species to survive,
if we’re going to find meaning in life,
if we’re going to save the world and every sentient being in it,
love is the one and only answer.
Maybe we’re not ready to make a love bomb yet,
an artifact powerful enough to destroy all hatred,
the selfishness, and greed that plague the planet.
However, each individual carries within him or her a small but powerful generator of love whose energy is just waiting to be released.
When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, Lieserl, dear,
we’ll see how Love conquers all,
transcends everything and can everything, because Love is the quintessence of life.
I am deeply sorry I was unable to express what my heart contains,
who all my life has been quietly fighting for you.
Maybe it’s too late to apologize, but since time is relative,
I need to tell you that I love you and that thanks to you I came to the last answer.

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